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As a UX/UI designer with a wide range of interests, I am passionate about using my diverse perspectives to create intuitive and engaging user experiences that solve real problems and improve peoples lives. I love the process of transforming complex problems into simple, elegant solutions.

What I love most about design is the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Whether it's designing a website for a small business or a large corporation, I enjoy the challenge of understanding the needs of my clients and their users, and finding creative ways to meet those needs through design.

I am constantly inspired by the opportunity to learn new things and push the boundaries of what’s possible with design, always seeking out new tools, techniques, and best practices to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. I thrive on the challenge of taking on new projects and pushing myself to try new things.

With my wide range of interests, I bring a unique perspective to my work as a designer. I believe that my diverse interests and experiences allow me to approach problems with a fresh perspective and come up with innovative solutions. I’m excited to bring my skills and experience to new challenges.

What I can do


UX & UI Design


Website Design & Development


Webflow Development


Brand Design


Testimonials from people I've worked with


Wanted to give a massive shoutout to the divine Chris Barfod who designed our shiny new website for Spectrum!

He's been an absolute joy to work with and we are SO beyond happy with the end result. This new site tells our story in a much better way than we were doing previously and it looks absolutely fantastic.

I can't recommend his work enough!

Matthew Fiacchi - Spectrum Co-Founder

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